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properties for sale el raso guardamar

Advantages and disadvantages of buying off plan properties in Spain

Buying off plan is a frequent option that, however, has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's see what they are.

When we decide to buy a new home, it is a common practice to buy a flat, that is, to buy the house when it has not yet been built - it is under construction - or when it is under construction.

Advantages of buying off plan.

It allows us to inaugurate the house and guarantees that the house and all its elements will be completely new.

Choose the quality of finishes. Usually, when buying on the plane we will have several options of materials and finishes, which allows us to personalize our house.

It allows the owner to make changes on the initial plan to adapt the house to his liking. In principle, these reforms are included in the price and should not be an extra cost. However, we must not forget that we can make changes but only to a certain extent and that must be agreed with the architect.

It is cheaper and can be a good investment because we will buy the apartment at its current market price and, if it goes up, the house can increase in value even before it is finished.

Greater flexibility in payment.

Inconveniences of buying off plan properties.

The owner can face breaches of deadlines or delays, which can be caused by different factors: economic (economic or business problems of construction companies or developers), environmental (a rainy season or prolonged snowfall can be a brake on construction ) Or of another type (a delay in obtaining the permits, etc.).

Changes in work or materials. One risk of buying without seeing the finished house is that, once finished the work, the general appearance or materials used are not exactly the same as we were promised. Therefore, a good idea is that the contract picks up all these elements, since, in this way, we will always have a recourse to file a complaint.

Unpleasant surprises. By not physically seeing the floor at the time of purchase, it is likely that, once built, some spaces are not as we thought. For example, it may be the case that the parking space that has touched us forces us to perform many maneuvers to be able to park, something we had not previously thought, or that the windows cause excessive heat and radiation in the house.

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19 May 2017
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