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9 things to consider when selling a home in Spain

What price do I put to my home? With or without agency? They may be some of the questions that arise when you hang up the "for sale" poster at your house.

If you are thinking of selling a home you should keep in mind that a long process and in which everyone, both the buyer and you, want to win. It is important that you try to know the buyer and how are the prices of the home in your area.

Although there is no medium term for the sale of a flat, it is estimated that Spain is around nine months. But it is possible that it can be sold before four months if it has an adequate price, if it is renovated or if the atmosphere of the house is pleasant. However, you must know the following aspects and take them into account.

Set the price following market trends.

To get the first idea, look for flats that look similar to yours in terms of square meters and location. Make an average of the prices and avoid setting an amount well above this figure to have a margin of negotiation. You will know if you have made a right or wrong with the price depending on the number of people who are interested in your home.

Identify your priorities.

Price and time are two very important variables. It is advisable to adjust the price according to the activity of the buyers: an average of six visits per month accompanied by the corresponding offers of purchase is a sign that you have given the right price.

Help yourself with a real estate agency.

If you decide to do it, choose it well since the fees correspond to a percentage on the operation that usually hover around 5%. On the other hand, if the agency proposes to lower the price because it has an offer for a lower figure, it recommends to request that the proposal be in writing and that a signal be left. The agency may ask you for exclusivity, in that case, keep in mind that you must commit to offer certain services such as photo reports, or prominent advertisements on different real estate portals.

Prepare the house for sale.

It is not enough to clean it. The decoration you have chosen may not appeal to everyone. It is necessary to eliminate everything that is very personal and can cause rejection, for that you can resort to home staging.

Perform a set-up.

If there are broken tiles, doors that do not close properly or other damages, we recommend that you fix it as long as it does not involve a very high expenditure.

Take good care of all aspects of the advertisement.

You have to enhance the qualities of your home so that the buyer can take a look at yours. In turn, try not to blur the photos.

Do not panic.

Keep in mind that if you choose to sell the apartment on your own, you will have to adjust to the needs of potential buyers. Not worth with rejecting visits in weekend or teaching the floor without picking up; Tries to attend the visits at the times of the day that most value the home, for example when there is more light and less noise.

Have all the documentation ready.

It is advisable that you have all the documentation at hand at any time. If the home is mortgaged or you have a pending paycheck pending, inform the prospective buyer before beginning the negotiation.

Ask specialist for help if necessary.

Before making the sale effective and you do not know how to proceed, seek advice in lawyers or notaries.

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7 Jul 2017
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