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Property for Sale in Bravo Hills Quesada

property for sale in bravo hills quesada

How to choose a home for second residence?

Buying a second home is the dream of many. However, when this desire becomes reality it is worth valuing a series of points to make the best choice.


It never hurts to know the area, the type of neighbors we will have, the urban centers that we have next, and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a certain location.

Closeness to shops and basic services.

It is also interesting that before buying a home, we take a tour around the area and see how far is the nearest store or supermarket (if we can go shopping on foot) or if there are restaurants, pharmacies and other services. It may not seem so important to us now, but it can be more annoying when we have to take the car to do any small day-to-day management.


Although often the reason to buy a second residence is to flee the city, it is advisable not to do so very far, since if the displacement is very long

Maintenance costs.

If we like a house with swimming pool or garden, we must evaluate before buying it if we find it cost-effective the maintenance overhead that these equipments entail. If it is a shared farm, we must keep in mind that the community fee will be higher, while it is an isolated house, we should probably hire a gardener to take care of both while we are not.

The price.

Often, we do not fall in love with a particular house or apartment and we decided to buy it without having checked the prices of the area. Maybe in the same area we can find something cheaper.

Petra Honig offers you property for sale in Bravo Hills, Quesada.

If we are famous in the region as one of the most reliable Real Estate in the region is because we treat our clients in the same way we would like to be treated ourselves. Our values are energy, agility, professionalism and expert advice always.

Petra Honig is specialised in selling all kind or residential properties in some of the most desirable areas on the Costa Blanca such as Torrevieja, La Mata, Cabo Roig, Punta Prima, Mil Palmeras among others.

13 Oct 2017
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