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Tips to sell your home faster if it´s been a while for sale

Often the home seller is faced with obstacles that delay the sale of their property and that create a lot of frustration, fuelling the fear of not performing correctly the tasks necessary to complete the transaction successfully.

Selling a house is not an easy task. However, according to the latest studies, the market is going through one of the best moments in home buying and selling. But what can we do to make our home attractive to potential buyers? In this post we explain it to you.

Reform the house.

If a seller fails to sell his apartment, he must make his home an attractive and competitive product. A home with at least 40 years of age must replace electricity and plumbing. But to be truly attractive, a comprehensive reform must be carried out. This will increase the interest of the house and the confidence of the buyer. In addition, the data affirm that a comprehensive reform increases the profitability of the transaction by up to 15%.

Take care of the detail of the photos of the property.

A picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of the real estate market this premise is fundamental. To begin, the photographic report must have a luminous finish emphasizing the strategic parts of the home. Hiring a professional to make a photographic report is essential if it has been some time since the sale. Also important is the writing of the advertisement, the promotion, the use of online portals and social networks, etc.

Try to provide all the available information.

Sometimes, with the description of the rooms and the rooms is not enough. It is recommended to talk about the environment and the advantages of the neighbourhood. For example, if you have transportation, schools, nurseries, etc. nearby. It should also clarify the possibility of having parking space, storage room, swimming pool....

It is also advisable to provide other more useful and legal information such as the last receipt of the IBI paid, the fees of the Community or remember that the house has passed the IT, which will reassure the prospective buyer.

In addition, it is highly recommended to offer an architectural plan to facilitate the decision of the potential buyer.

Petra Hönig offers you houses for sale in Ciudad Quesada and Costa Blanca.

If your sell your property with us, you can take into account that you are trusting the best estate agents in the region. Not only are we 100% sure of our success when selling your property but also in Petra Hönig we encourage you to let us selling your dwelling “exclusively".

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Plus, if you are not convinced with the idea of giving us the exclusive for selling your property, you must know that thanks to our wide network of contacts, composed by more than 150 independent Spanish estate agents, Petra Hönig will be able to find the best buyer for your home. We work on a success only basis and will not make any charge until a successful result is achieved.

9 Nov 2017
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