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Estate Agents Ciudad Quesada Rojales Costa Blanca

Estate Agents Ciudad Quesada Rojales Costa Blanca

Why it is advisable to choose a real estate agent when buying property in Spain?

Although buying and selling properties is something done in every part of the world, each part has their own protocol and particularities. In the case of Spain, the presence of a real estate agent will prevent us from having unnecessary problems.

Buying a house that best meets our needs and wishes can cause a real headache. And if to buying a property we add the factor of being a foreigner and not naturally from Spain, we can conclude the most advisable option is putting ourselves into the hands of a real estate agent.

Although it is certain the breakthrough of different real estate web portals which has encourage many to contact directly with the owner selling their house, this practice doesn´t always provide the desired results. At times, mistakes can be made due missing certain key points of the Spanish real estate market, or due to not taking into account crucial aspects when searching for a property to obtain the best results.

How can a real estate agent help us?

As you are aware, an expert knowledge of the market is vital to optimize the process of buying and selling an immovable property, in Petra Honig we emphasised the relevance of the human element.

It is important that the professional in whom we are going to trust has a high degree of empathy, as in order to develop the work with guarantees is essential to understand what the client is seeking on a personal level, to know their worries and even previous problems and disappointment they already experienced in relation to the search and sale of a property.

We consider a basic that the client feels completely comfortable with the real estate agent so a relationship of trust and support can be built.

A Real Estate Agent holds a high skilled knowledge of the field.

While many declare to have a previous knowledge of the property or the area, the truth is the transaction is more complex than it seems, having a person dedicated to you at all times making you aware of any difficulties, and the most important one, providing you with the ideal solutions to guarantee the transaction, increases the value of the figure of a real estate agent.

A real estate agent will give you a useful advice for every relevant issue.

It is worth mentioning that a real estate agent not only will help us solving all of our administrative and fiscal questions, but also he or she will provide us with a good amount of useful and handy advice with the purpose of obtaining the best results during the purchase process of the property.

Sometimes, the unfamiliarity of a district or city area can take us to detached and far away conclusions from reality. It will be in these sort of situations when a real estate agent provides detail and real information about the area so we have a clear view of the place and we are able to choose the neighbourhood and community that best suits our lifestyle.

An agent will assure the best choice for your individual case.

There are many circumstances dictating if a house is right for us or not, but in many occasions we ignore these. Before going through with the decisive transaction of buying a property, the real estate agent will take into account the inspections made in order to verify the condition of the building, if the price is in line with the property market or if it meets our needs on a personal level.

Petra Honig, experienced Estate Agentes in Ciudad Quesada, El Raso and Villamartin.

Petra Honig is an independent, professional firm with a positive attitude, covering all aspects of residential property sales, through a business which is built on energy, agility, professionalism and knowledge.

With more than Fifteen years' experience in the Costa Blanca property market and over 23 years property sale experience in the UK, German and Spanish property sectors, Petra Honig Inmobiliaria has a successful proven track record with a multi office network with 3 offices located on the Costa Blanca South in Quesada, Villamartin (Orihuela Costa) and Guardamar.

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11 May 2016
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