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Villas for Sale in Ciudad Quesada Costa Blanca

Villas for Sale in Ciudad Quesada Costa Blanca

10 good reasons to buy property in Spain today

The real estate market begins to improve. In 2016 sales data are much better than in previous years, is especially significant the number of citizens from other countries who are currently buying in Spain.

The adjustment of prices in the Spanish market and the fall in the pound explain this strength of the British who, like other foreigners, mostly purchase vacation homes on the coast. Petra Hönig This article gives you some clues that explain why the current time is good to buy housing.

1. The price has gone down.

The price of housing has fallen by more than 30% on average in Spain since 2007, which some experts warn that now is the time to buy before prices recover.

2. Housing demand has increased.

The buyer has where to choose now.

3. The economic recovery.

Improving the economy is already causing an increase in demand, so we must seize to buy now. Prices are already rising. What are you waiting for?

4. The buyer has bargaining power.

You can still negotiate down the price of housing

5. The credit is flowing again.

The banks are already granting more mortgage loans and are bringing to market mortgage loans with lower spreads

6. Renting has high profitability.

In case of putting rent housing you can get half an annual gross profit of 4.7%, ie more attractive than any other financial product profitability.

7. There are properties of banks at very good price.

The bank applies greater price discounts.

8. It's cheaper to buy than to rent.

The amount of interest paid on a mortgage is less than the rent of a rent

9. Foreign investment is increasing.

They should not only buy them, but also Spanish citizens themselves.

10. Invest in housing is a safe investment.

Having a home ownership means greater peace of mind for family and ensures you a peaceful old age.

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2 Jul 2016
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