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Real Estate Agents in Ciudad Quesada Costa Blanca

Real Estate Agents in Ciudad Quesada Costa Blanca

Documents that you can get in the Property Registry.

It is advisable to know the legal status of housing. From knowing who the owner is, if you have loads, if tenants or not to verify that it is current in the payment of taxes or if there is a right of first refusal. For this, you have to go to the Land Registry.

A "Nota Simple"

It includes a description of the property, its location, size, share in the horizontal property regime that could affect administrative. Also information about mortgages on the property, potential property disputes and, in general, any circumstances affecting the property property. The note is informative only.

Certification domain and loads.

Its content is more complete than the simple note. Being a public document it is signed by the registrar, which allow certification prove in court, and to third parties any circumstance of the house.

Report recorder on the registration status of the property.

It is a report in which the registration status of the farm is detailed.

Verbal advice.

You can ask the registrar, for free. It will be free and the registrar must spend at least two hours daily.

Additional documents.

Copy writing; last receipt of IBI; certification be aware of all payments of the homeowners; public document that no associated lease contracts on the house.

Petra Honig Real Estate Agents in Ciudad Quesada, Costa Blanca.

If we are famous in the region as one of the most reliable Real Estates in the area is because we treat our clients in the same way we would like to be treated ourselves. Our values are energy, agility, professionalism and expert advice always. Once we are at your service you can be sure that we will work in your best interest, never our own.

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