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Property for Sale in Monte Azul Benijofar

Property for Sale in Monte Azul Benijofar

Do I buy new build or resale property?

The answer to this question is not always easy, since it can have a significant impact on aspects such as the price or the location of our house.

If at the time of buying a home, we are hesitating to buy new or second hand, in this article we give you a few comparative criteria that can help you to decide.


A new floor will normally be located in areas of urban expansion and, therefore, away from the center. Although it is precisely for this reason, it is easier to place near facilities such as parks, sports centers or shopping centers, as well as allowing easier access to roads such as motorways or highways. On the other hand, second-hand floors are usually located in the most central areas or in the neighborhoods surrounding them. Its main advantage is, therefore, to have all the urban services.

The size.

It is another key factor. Newly constructed floors are usually smaller and have the space most used. Thus, it is more frequent to find distributions like kitchen office or dining-room in the new buildings. On the contrary, the old estates usually have more space per stay and have a greater number of rooms, as well as independent kitchen.

The general condition.

Typically older apartments are more economical but require an extra budget for construction and renovation. On the contrary, a new home will have the advantage that everything will be brand new, so it will take time to wear out during use.


New homes usually have more modern facilities and services such as swimming pool, storage room or garage spaces. However, it is not so frequent to find these benefits in the old buildings. In addition, when buying a second-hand floor, it is advisable to check the state of the property, the house and the facilities (such as light, water and gas) to avoid later surprises.

The price.

As a general rule, new housing will always be more expensive than a second hand one. Even so, we must take into account that, even if the second hand properties are cheaper, if they are real estate in very central or exclusive areas, their cost can be equaled or surpassed that of the new ones.


Taxation is another of the points that we must value, since new and second-hand floors are taxed differently. Thus, a new home will be subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), which will be 10% of the book value (public housing special protection and public promotion support 4%), while second-hand homes the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions (ITA), which can vary between 6 and 8% depending on the Autonomous Community and the size of the house.

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14 Oct 2017
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