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Townhouses for Sale in Lo Crispin

townhouses for sale in lo crispin

5 mistakes you should avoid when buying a home on the Costa Blanca

Buying a home in another country entails a lot of stress. If we do not advise ourselves well, we can make mistakes that will cost us dearly. We detail the most common.

If you are not well advised, you can make mistakes that will make you lose time, money, or that may have other unwanted consequences. Therefore, we encourage you to read this article and get in touch with us if you have questions.

Do not make payments before having everything well negotiated.

Before making the first payment to the seller, you must be sure to have negotiated everything you wanted. Once a deposit is made, things do not come easily from the seller. From that moment, the seller has a part of the purchase price and therefore your bargaining power is lower.

Acknowledge in writing is a must.

Often different negotiations are carried out during the purchase process. For example, if some furniture remains in the house, or if there will be costs paid by the seller. This often happens by saying "we do it later" or "it's okay." It's okay to have things that are spoken for the good of both parties, but put it in writing, this will avoid a later discussion.

Check the size and surface area of the house.

The surfaces of the plot and the property are not sufficiently controlled. They must correspond to the area indicated in the Property Registry. Discrepancies are common and do not have to be a problem. However, the differences must be corrected by the seller during the purchase process.

Find out about the pending works of the neighborhood community.

This is important when buying an apartment in a development. To know if you have to do any major rehabilitation on the roof or on the facades, get in touch with the neighborhood community. It is useful to know before buying. Depending on the type of maintenance, it may involve more or less money.

Make sure the seller is the owner of the property.

There are many circumstances that can occur in this case. Are the sellers the owners? Or, for example, are the heirs already or will they be the owners? Is the property in the name of a company that no longer exists and has not been updated in the property registry?

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6 Nov 2017
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