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4 Advantages of buying a property in the Costa Blanca

Have you visited the Mediterranean coast of Spain? If so, you know how enjoyable it is. But maybe you have come on holiday, at a hotel or rented an apartment. Why not buy? There are many advantages. We now list a few of these.

The beach holiday certainly take away the stress accumulated during the year. And each year it appears that we spend more and more time working. The early mornings, traffic jams, delays on trains rain and cold. A lifetime of responsibilities are only worthwhile when you are able to relax and enjoy your free time. A resale property on or close to the beach, allows us to escape to our own paradise at any time to enjoy what really matters in life.

In this article, we list the main advantages of buying a property near to your favourite beach in the Costa Blanca.

1. Spending your holidays here also becomes an investment.

If instead of paying every year on holidays in a hotel or renting accommodation, you utilise the money to pay the mortgage payments of your property on the beach, you will have an asset in your estate. Alternatively, if paying cash for a property, then use this money for flights and the asset is even stronger.

2. You can escape to the Costa Blanca more often.

Every time you have some holiday or a few days off, you can escape to enjoy the beach and great weather. What a lovely idea?

3. Your second home in Spain can provide you with extra income.

If you do not currently live in your property close to the beach, then you can always rent it. There is a big market of people living in these areas during periods of the year other than the summer. Having a few euros more in your pocket has never hurt anyone!

4. Your Property in Costa Blanca can be your future home upon retirement.

A second home can be the ideal place to relax and work through our responsibilities instead of doing it in the colder climate of where you live. Can you think of a better place?

Trust Petra Honig, estate agents in El Raso Guardamar.

If you spend time dreaming of a property in the Mediterranean, then please contact Petra Honig. We are proud of the relaxed manner in which we handle our clients when they come to us seeking advice on buying a property in the Costa Blanca or Orihuela Costa. Our professional staff have complete knowledge of everything you need to know during the buying process, and even after, if this is what you require.

2 Jun 2016
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