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7 Common Mistakes When Buying a Home

For more than 15 years in the real estate sector in Spain we have seen everything. In this article we list 8 errors commonly make when buying a home. You are warned.

Perhaps you have visited the Mediterranean coast of Spain and are thinking about buying a home here. Prices and purchase conditions are excellent, and no one knows how long this situation. If you want to fulfill your dream of owning a home here, of course it's possible.

However, the sale of homes has a dark side that does not always want to see. We often think that buying a home, it is to live in it or as an investment, is easy. As property specialists believe that alert you to certain aspects will help you avoid making the same mistakes that have already committed many others.

These are some of the mistakes that you should be aware if you are thinking of buying a property in Spain:

1. Do not spend money on a real estate specialist.

It is one of the first inconsistencies. We will commit an amount of money each month for several decades to own, but the fees of a professional to advise us and supervise the process seems a robbery.

2. Sign withouth reading.

The deeds have a language difficult to understand and too lazy, so do not take time to unravel its contents. These papers arrive at the notary in good time before the signature to know what is signed and clarify it. Do it.

3. Thinking that the bank is our friend.

Financial institutions have their own interests and ensure your business. You have to spend time searching and comparing, unencumbered by the first pulse.

4. Buying above our possibilities.

We must be aware of the vital moment is going through and not wanting to buy the house of our life if we will be economically drowned.

5. Mortgaged with a boyfriend.

Marriage and domestic partnerships paint a more secure future in case of separation or death. An unregulated dating only supports uncertainty. Agree on what part of who pays the mortgage costs only 60 euros.

6. Asking the family guarantees.

We have seen some cases where parents help their children with their signature end. The risk involved is very high. No one there could be an eviction twice but this debt inherited by the brothers.

7. Not taking care of the previous owners or the developer.

In the years of the crisis it was common, in a suburb, had homes in the hands of the developer or a bank. You make sure that these pay their dues.

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12 Sep 2016
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