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Villas for Sale in Ciudad Quesada Spain

villas for sale in ciudad quesada spain

Pros and cons of buying second-hand housing

Second-hand housing usually offers a better location and has a lower tax burden than the new one, however it is usually less energy efficient and may not have a modern layout.

Every time we are faced with having to buy a house or a flat, the same question arises: New or second-hand housing? However, data indicate that second-hand housing is winning the battle and nine out of ten real estate sold belong to this category.

It is a dilemma that does not have a clear answer, since the strengths of one option tend to be the weaknesses of the other. Therefore, before making a decision, it is most appropriate to establish a list of priorities and then analyse which of the two options fit more with it, but we already anticipate that the perfect option does not exist.

Advantages of second-hand housing

Most Affordable Price: This is something that depends on many factors, and currently has an upward trend, however the used housing usually has a lower price.

Lower tax burden: When buying a used home, ITP (Property Transaction Tax) is paid, which ranges from 4% to 10% depending on the community (except for Extremadura, where in some cases it may reach 11%) , While buying a new property is paid the VAT of 10%.

Best Location: Location is one of the main reasons why we choose a home. In this sense, areas close to urban centres are usually second-hand homes, while new housing is usually built on the outskirts.

Immediate access: While in many cases of new housing we will have to wait until the work is finished and bureaucratic procedures that allow us to access the house, in the case of the second hand we can enter to live immediately, unless We have to carry out reforms.

Disadvantages of resale housing

Technology: Like many other fields, the home is experiencing major changes. The arrival of the Internet of things and home automation has introduced many new features that we will already find in a new house, while a second hand will require modifications.

Energy efficiency: Advances in the optimization of consumption and materials to conserve energy will allow you to save at the end of the month, something that, like the previous point, will require an investment in second-hand housing.

Modern distribution: In many second-hand homes we can find long corridors or excessively large kitchens that do not just match modern life.

Other benefits: Although it is true that the location of the new home is not usually as good as with the second hand, being in many cases in urbanizations we will have advantages such as swimming pools, gardens, green areas and sports areas .

The psychological factor: Because yes, knowing that you are the first person living in that house, you are the beginning of a story that can take decades, is something special.

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19 Apr 2017
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