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4 Tips to not get any surprises when buying your dream house in Spain

Buying a property is one of the most important investments of our lives. The purchase process is complex, especially if it´s the first time and there are things that are very often easy to miss. Make no mistakes! Buying property in another country can also make it more difficult as the process is different to Spain to the country where you live.

In this post, Petra Hönig shows you 4 tips when buying in Spain to avoid trouble in the long term.

Tip 1. Check the legalities of the property and the community fees

It is essential to check whether the property is free of any debt orcharges, such as whether whether it is close to being repossessed. You can apply directly to the property registration department to obtain simple information on the property or make it through a Notary. Sometimes you have to ask the council for a certificate of planning law, if there is some kind of involvement that is not on the registration of the property. All of this can be done with the help of your solicitor, during the buying process.

Tip 2. Check the status of the utilities and put them in your name.

Check that there are no defaults in payments for the electricity, water, telephone, gas etc. Any debt associated with the utilities of the property can affect you, and cause you to worry unnecessarily. Again, with the help of your solicitor, you can check to see if there are any debts linked to the property and these must be cleared before signing at the Notary. Once everything has been completed and there are no debts then the utilities can be changed into your name. Any debt is linked to the property and not the individual so clearing debts before signing / completion is essential.

Tip 3. Look closely at who is actually signing as a vendor.

When you sell a property in Spain, the developer, if direct through them, usually signs the contracts or sometimes can be an administrator or an individual of the company. Conversely, if a sale is between private individuals, all owners of the property must sign the contract. For example, if a husband and wife jointly own it, then the contract has to be signed by both parties. Your solicitor will check this and ensure everything is organised correctly.

Tip 4. Find out who bears the costs of the sale

If both parties do not compromise anything, or unless specified withn the contract that is "under Spanish law," the law of specific region will be applied. However, in the private document it is usually agreed who bears the costs, including those which have to be paid by the buyer and / or the seller. Another important aspect of the buying process which your solicitor will check and ensure everything is correct.

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17 Jul 2016
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